School Just Underway

The First Days of School - Dancing on the inside: Nervous yet excited.

With August-September approaching, the back-to-school commercials can stir up a feeling of anticipation and/or a feeling of excitement for our first day of school. Remember when we were kids getting ready for our first day of school? We could hardly sleep the night before; our clothes laid out; our lunch pale packed; our back packs filled. We were excited to see our friends and meet our teachers. We were exhilarated by all the learnings and all the possibilities the school day and the school year had in store for us!

I invite you to tap into that childhood wonder and thrill as we prepare for our first few days of school (by time you read this, you did engage in the first few days).

So let's look at the highlights in the few days of school:
Kids were excited to be at school. They shared their excitement and their learning on their first few days. 
*Some kids talked to me about the relevance of math. 
*Some kids talked to me about what makes a good leader. 
*Some kids defined a scientist for me. 
*Some kids shared the main point of book they just read. 

The sites felt safe and welcoming with a buzz of adults and children.

We know the perquisite and ever-present condition for high levels of learning is creating that safe space where adults and students can learn freely, can find relevance and excitement in their learning. Daniel Willingham, psychologist and author, study the emotional connection needed for students and adults to internalize their learning.

In concert with these necessary conditions, we hold high expectations for us as adults - making learning visible; meaning one year gain in student learning, or more for this year of school. 

As Donna said, we are looking to have the wind catch our sails. We are looking to continue to make learning visible, ensure one year's growth by:
1.) Effective implementation of the high leverage strategies (the ones that can cause one year's growth), grounded in teacher clarity.
2.) Know thy impact 

The school district looks to support success in the following venues:
1.) Professional development
2.) Collaboration
3.) Instructional coaching