Konocti in the Month of May

Here are a few video links. Some high school students sharing what strategies support their learning and what strategies they employ to support their own learning. https://youtu.be/iOC3gYTK5Vs
Here are a couple of elementary students describing their learning and progress in math. https://youtu.be/Q2ZLPYQ9d6E

What does this mean? (1.) As we (the adults) make progress in understanding and in articulating what is expected in the key concepts and skills, students too can articulate how they are progressing in their learning. (2.) With the leveled success criteria, all students can demonstrate academic success and progress (based on their journey to the destination). (3.) Classroom teachers and students are demonstrating a balance of surface learning and deep learning.

What can be some next level work within the same action steps and goal? (1.) We can continue to learn and develop in unpacking the standards – the key concepts and skills – by leveling the success criteria. (2.) we can gain in consistency in all the ways we informally and formally assess/evaluate student progress towards the different success criteria. (3.) We can continue to include the students in their knowing what they learning, and how they are learn/are learning?

In conclusion, the work is hard. And as a collective team, we can continue to marshal well-being, civility, and academic achievement! Look all around us. It is happening.

Next level work for myself from April to May 31.
My action
Representative from the target group
My measure
How will I know on or before May 31

Facilitate the bi-monthly instructional coach team, working with each of them as they write a specific plan to enhance staffs craft and then improve student learning

Facilitate the monthly principal collaboration, working with the principals and superintendent as each writes a specific action around enhancing/developing their staffs craft and then improving their students’ academic

One coach from the coach team

One principal and the superintendent from the principal team

The walkthru form: The coach and teacher set outcomes. Then they each gathered evidence of student learning classroom. The teacher and coach asked the students' questions about their learning and debriefed at a later time.

The walkthru form: The principal and I will visit classrooms at her school. Evidence will be gathered by using the walk-thru form, when we ask students the 3 fundamental questions or so about their learning

Interview responses:
 Her interview results from checking in with principals to see if her impact worked
Progress of the tech plan

Based on the established outcomes, the coach will share results - patterns of student learning from the student response (the coach shares this information in confidence with me ie  no teacher names)