Welcome Back Konocti

The First Days of School; Nervous yet Dancing on the Inside

With the the first few days of school, I invite you to tap into that childhood wonder and thrill as we prepare for our first few days of school (by time you read this, school may already be underway)

In the welcome back message, our superintendent, Donna Becnel shared that Konocti is here to ensure one year's growth or more. She shared personal guiding statement on we improve as an entire organization. We do so by implementing systems that yield a sustainable culture of innovation, collaborative community and high achievement through inquiry, impact, and continuous improvement.

I shared my guiding statement with staff at various platforms: P. U.R.P.O.S.E, meaning I look to education people universally, readying people for any opportunity and situation.

We each have our own guiding principle or purpose statements as we look to improve ourselves, our students, and our organization.

Under this light, Konocti Unified created the strategic plan premised on John Hattie's research which is the largest body of research in our field of education to-date.

Konocti lays the groundwork with strong relationships among-st staff and students.
In an inviting and welcoming environment, staff and students can embark on several  fundamental practices and ignite that deep learning. (Knowing people can use more these these four practices) of one year's growth or more.

The first few days back, led by the teacher academy, the welcome back staff collaborations and welcome back message, already set the precedence for our systems of inquiry and impact around the implementation of these fundamental instructional practices. For example, more and more people are connecting their purpose and beliefs to the district direction. We have high caliber people returning and we have high caliber people joining the Konocti family.

Furthermore, as I traveled around, I was thrilled when staff asked me to pop into their classrooms so they could show me some ways they were involving students in the learning journey: a special reading center of the room for students to sit and get lost in their favorite book; a display of writing exemplars for students to assess where they are at and know what they are striving for; a progression wall where students move their marker as they improve their reading score. These are just a few examples of the many sound ideas.

In winding down that day, two teachers shared how they were going to collaborate with each student in setting the weekly academic goals and the daily tasks so students and the teacher could track progress, make adjustments, and celebrate achievement regularly. They closed the conversation by saying, "This year is going to be magical". I couldn't agree more.

As we begin this magical year of quality instruction and deep learning, I want to share my plan so you are aware of how I plan to hold myself accountable to ensure that one year's growth or more, in myself and in others.


I look forward to the return of our students on Monday, August 20. I look forward to visiting schools on the first two days to see you and the kids! I also look forward to witnessing and feeling the special connections being initiated and the deep learning being launched by our inspiring and skilled staff.