Tis The Season

The Holiday Season amidst Sound Instruction and Deep Learning.

In the month of December, I share a two-fold message. One, I want to share my gratitude. 

This is my fourth year living in Lowerlake and working in Konocti. What to say. Lowerlake is very impoverished yet filled with beauty; beauty in the land, in the people, and the wildlife. Who can say when driving down a highway, they saw a bald eagle, deer, and elk? Amongst all the signs of generational poverty, there are more displays of people upholding the importance of education and the value of community. One teacher shared in my interview, "the people of Konocti are really a family." I concur. Even in our corky and roundabout ways, I can say with confidence, we sure do want to make a difference via a strong education that equips students with the knowledge and motivation and the skills to thrive in their future endeavors and in their future world. 

And, the second part of the two-fold message is that I tend to reflect. In doing so here is what runs through my mind.

1.) Remember the direction of the district = The Goal = 1+ for all students and staff alike
Konocti lays the groundwork with strong relationships amongst its staff and students.

In an inviting and welcoming environment, staff can, then, embark on several fundamental practices and ignite that deep learning in students, measured as one year's growth or more. (Knowing people use more than just these four practices) 

2.) Recall how we are supposed to meet this goal = Some fundamental action steps to cause this 1+:
a.) Strong relations and welcoming-inviting surroundings
a.) Clarity - clear expectations through the learning intention and success criteria
b.) Always knowing one's impact based on student progress
c.) Other high leverage strategies within these two instructional pillars such as formative assessment and feedback.

3.) Review different data points to asses our progress and my impact 

3A.) Teacher Clarity and Student Clarity can double the rate of learning. 

3B.) State Reading and Achievement Data

3C.) Local Reading Growth and Achievement Data for K -12

Stayed for the results in January

3D.) Possible High School Final Data - growth and achievement data from some courses/classes

Stayed tuned for results in January

 My personal and professional goal, actions, and progress/impact.

My purpose statement is the following:
** Educate students so as to deepen their content knowledge, develop their cognitive skills, and gain their own learner strategies so as to prepare students in a way that lets them thrive in their future endeavors and in the ever-changing world.

My goal is to ensure students make one year’s growth or more for each year of school

My action steps to achieve my goal and contribute the district goals are the following:
1.      Effective execution of some fundamental instructional practices (particularly clarity……formative assessment…….feedback)

2.      Clearly communicate the instructional plan, the actions, and progress

3.      Plan and participate in professional development and collaboration

4.    Regularly monitor my impact with various data points

I will measure/track my progress toward my goal by using the following methods: 

++ Visiting schools where staff display visible attributes of these fundamental instructional practices (use the walkthrough forms which includes the instructional checklist and student response form
++ Interviewing stakeholders about their level of understanding regarding the direction and progress (use the interview questions).....in the progress now
++ Participation by staff and engagement from the staff at the scheduled professional and collaborations (attendance rates, observe and listen to the conversations, gather artifacts, gather feedback, gather minutes). I have all of this - see me for my analysis of this information)(also I track my influence in working with the principles.Again you can ask my about this information and interpretation and next steps)
++ Assessing student local and state results (Star, HS pre and post-tests, CAASPP Interim Block Assessments, teacher evidence of student learning each month)........all of these data points are in the works and so stay tuned as I assess and analyze more formally in January.

"Believe with all your heart that how you live your life makes a difference" - Colin Brown