Happy Holiday Season

Tis the Season

    The Holiday Season can bring a mix of emotions. Some people may associate sadness with this time of year, and others may associate hope with the Holiday Season. The next 15 days of school in Konocti Unified can provide a consistent, stable and safe haven for adults and students. School and work can be a refuge where people connect. School and work can be that place where people feel accomplished as a thriving a student or as a quality teacher; as a skilled bus driver or as the gracious secretary.

School and work can be that joyous abode where we notice four strengths of a person before recognizing one way we can each grow. School and work can be a zone of challenge and complexity yet an area where efforts are appreciated, mistakes are honored, and improvement is galvanized.


All that I Want During the month of December Here in Konocti:

(A gift from the teacher to the student)

  1. My teacher to state the goal and recognize my efforts
  2. My teacher to say "great to see you".
  3. My teacher to stop at my desk and say "let's take a look 
  4. My teacher to see that I am "good" at something
  5. My teacher to say thank you for............

(A gift from the student to the teacher)

  1. My students to recognize my efforts and give the lesson/activity a try
  2. My students to complete the class assignment
  3. My students engage in the day's lecture, collaboration, and  practice
  4. My students to know that I do see them and that I do care
  5. My students to stop and say thank you for.............
(A gift from staff member to staff member)
  1. My colleagues to speak highly of each other.
  2. My principal to visit my classroom and give me some guidance
  3. My colleague or coach to sit and plan with me
  4. My colleague to highlight a recent accomplishment