May Reflection


As of June 17, it will be my one year anniversary here as director of curriculum and instruction in Konocti Unified and a a resident of Lake county.

I experienced so many "firsts" this year. Being a director alone was a first. I think back to the first Konocti "back to school" staff development August 10, 2015 in which I first stood in front of approximately 200 teachers and administrators. While I had met some of you, it was my first interaction with most. I was charged with delivering a message around the district vision in regards to curriculum and instruction. I remember the slides I shared. ...what I said was a blur. The only reason I remember the slides is because I can go back and reread the slides.
I remember one big "new at the job' faux pas. I sent an email about the details of the Northern Coast New Teacher Induction and sent the email to some veteran teachers with over 7 years of experience; not to mention 3 of them were KEA officers. I managed to counter that faux pas with making a big hit. Well, maybe not a big hit but some small respectable steps. 

Konocti Unified is full of caring and distinct teachers and leaders. Konocti is a special place full of passionate human beings that stay ahead of the curve and work so very hard to provide a quality education to our students. So with that said, I enjoyed being attentive and present out at the sites; in classrooms, in collaborations, and at meetings. I enjoyed supporting the progress of Konocti through specific professional development and trainings; organizing and participating in effective district-wide collaboration; initiating the evaluation and pilot of various instructional materials; and the administrating of our first CCSS district-wide interim assessment and analysis of the student results.

Moving to LowerLake California in Lake County was also a first. There was a lake like in Tahoe-Truckee. I learned pretty fast that the lake was not as clear nor as clean as originally thought. I did take a paddle board out near Buckingham Point. I did jump into the water and enjoyed my first swim in ClearLake.
I learned that the fall season is an interesting time of year for the ClearLake area. Yet, I have settled into a nice home in Lower Lake on Morgan Valley. The home has a nice yard for my dogs, and I have nice neighbors who look out for me. The owner keeps the home in top notch condition.

There is a much beauty here in Lake County. The morning sunrise and spectacular colors in that morning sky. The dogs and I have found incredible wildlife and wildflowers on the weekends as we venture onto various nearby trails like Cache Creek and Knoxville Recreation Area. Then there is beauty in the amazing people that I have met both in Konocti and in Lake county. People have strong ties to each other in Konocti and in Lake county. People have embraced me as I make Konocti and Lake county my new home. Back in August, staff and administration offered me a place to stay until I got my feet on the ground. Staff and administration invited me to the Friday evening music on the land. On the weekends, folks took me out on the trails and showed me all the "hot" spots for good food and wine around the lake. Just as folks help me, they also bend over backwards to provide the students with the necessary tools to reach their potential and beyond. People are proud of their home, family, and businesses. And they gladly extend themselves to offer their successes, time, and services through a welcoming camaraderie. 

So as my one year anniversary approaches, I sign my rental lease agreement for another year while I continue to save money as the down payment to purchase that home in the next 12 months. I work with staff, site administration and district administration in writing the slides around the Konocti vision and direction for 2016-2017, ready to present at our 2016  Konocti "back to school" staff development in August.

I am around and just a phone call or email away.

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