September Curriculum and Instruction eNewsletter

Highlights: -
I was able to visit every school site and witness, either classroom instruction, be a part of a staff meeting and back to school night, or participate in staff collaboration, talk one on one with some teachers,
-       Students spent a large portion of their day were reading and writing grade level and beyond passages; reading and comprehending with the support of the teacher; demonstrating their knowledge orally and in writing form
-       Students and teacher relationships were positive and respectful.
-       Students were actively involved in their own learning
The quality instructional practices and beneficial impact on student learning goes on and on.

Here is an update in the curriculum and instruction world at Konocti:
-       CELDT testing for TK – K and all initials finishes up by September 14.
-       CELDT testing for grades 1st – 12th continue through October 28.

Konocti continues to uphold the value of collaboration as the key vehicle in supporting adult best practices and student learning
-        Konocti is currently staying the course in regards to instructional materials or resources, common core units with rigorous common core assessments – completion and revisions to the units, resources and assessments are in the works. Additional common core resources are being added to each common core unit based on the key concepts and skills per common core standard. District teams are also looking to enhance the common core assessments to match the performance and rigor of the new common core standards.
-         The teams are also looking to loosen and revise the scope and sequence so it works for all. The district is looking for an interim assessment by the semester with 12 interim assessments in 2016.
-        The key skills and concepts per focus common core standard are being made more accessible both in shared district grade level Google folders and in Atlas.

Professional Development:
-       A team of teachers and administrators across the district are headed to the CUE conference October 23rd and October 24. I foresee another Tech Slam in our near futures.
-       Some designated teachers and instructional coaches received Atlas and EADMS training to then staff at site.
-       Common core literacy professional development for K -2, 3 -7 and 8 -12 is in the horizon. Stay tuned.
Visitations: Donna, Tom, and Teresa are out to visit classrooms in the month of September with peer observations and walkthroughs to follow in the months ahead. Many site administrators are already out visiting classrooms. These visits, observations and walkthroughs may be built around the indicators from the Danielson group identifying student engagement. Timely and specific feedback (no ratings) will be provided to the teachers through descriptive statements. This feedback is for teacher reflection.

CAASPP Update:
Student, school, district, county and state smarter balance baseline results can be found at
Remember the smarter balance results are one small measure of many measures to understand student achievement and well-being. We may many other measures to use to paint a comprehension picture of our student.
These scores cannot be compared to past state assessments.

The scores – pleased or displeased, good or bad - simply provide a roadmap for how we provide these necessary skillset and tools to be productive and competitive “in their own right” in their 21st century world.

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